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Bag targets are a great alternative to traditional straw and foam targets. They offer good performance, good value and long life. Don't just assume that you have to use a high powered bow to make these targets work. These are fantastic 'all-round' target. It works just as well with a 25# recurve as it does with a 60# compound. They are ideal for all arrow types with flush fitting points. Do not use broad heads! You will not be able to pull your arrow out without ripping the bag!


The SURESHOT 70cm is a high density bag target designed to stop arrows from high performance bows, including high energy compounds and crossbows.

This is no lightweight. The high density construction offers tremendous stopping power. And the best bit? Super easy arrow removal! Arrows just slide out.

Each target is printed on both sides, with a variety of dot sizes to test your skill.

HOTSHOT 90CM (Updated April 2014)

The HOTSHOT 90cm is the big brother to the SURESHOT. Its larger overall dimensions makes this better suited to long distance shooting - or if you simply want a larger shooting area.

As of Arpril 2014, the HOTSHOT construction has changed. It is now has a layered foam construction to reduce the mass weight to a more managble 17KG. (The original HOTSHOT was weighing in at over 35KG).


The SURESHOT has the superior stopping power and is unique in the fact that you can withdraw arrows very easily. Perfect for shooting at short range with powerful bows.

The HOTSHOT has the same stopping power as a conventional layered foam target - i.e. Very good. 60# compounds with conventional arrows, all recurve bows and traditional bows will work well with this target. Middle weight crossbows are also OK. For heavy weight crossbows or super high energy compounds with small diameter carbon arrows, you will get better results with the SURESHOT.


When the outer bag is worn out, spare bags are available separately. ( In order to purchase a replacement bag you must be able to provide proof of purchase for the original SURESHOT OR HOTSHOT Bag Target).

Approx Size: 70cm x 65cm x 30cm Average Weight: 22KG

Approx Size: 90cm x 85cm x 35cm Average Weight: 18KG

Please note the HOTSHOT differs in construction to the smaller SURESHOT, by way of its two layer density design. The central and upper parts of the target will stop just about anything - including crossbows and high performance compound bows. The lower 25% of the target is a medium density material, which will stop most arrows with ease, but is mostly there to keep the physical weight of the target to a manageable level.



HOTSHOT BAG TARGET (90CM) Approx 18kg £75 (GBP) / €107 (EURO)
718864 SURESHOT BAG TARGET (70CM) Approx 22kg £49 (GBP) / €70 (EURO)
718867 SPARE BAG FOR HOTSHOT   £18 (GBP) / €25.60 (EURO)
718866 SPARE BAG FOR SURESHOT   £15 (GBP) / €21.30 (EURO)
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