Sponsorship Requests
Compound Pro Staff    
Adam Ravenscroft

Adam Ravenscroft, UK

Abbie Spinks   Abbie Spinks, UK
Duncan Busby   Duncan Busby, UK
Kirsty Robb   Kirsty Robb, UK
Luke Gill   Luke Gill, UK
Carl Richards   Carl Richards, UK
Simon Scott   Simon Scott, UK
Oliver Clayton-Smith   Oliver Clayton-Smith, UK
Reginald Kools   Reginald Kools - Belgium
Luc Verdeyen   Luc Verdeyen, Belgium
Phil Glover   Phil Glover, UK
Neil Bridgewater   Neil Bridgewater, UK
Víctor Canalejas Tejero   Víctor Canalejas Tejero, Spain

Sponsorship Requests

If you believe you have the qualities we are looking for and would like to be considered for our pro-team, please feel free to contact us by email with your CV. However, due to the high quantity of requests it is not always possible for us to reply.

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